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small company
    Big vision

RoyalKIND is a publisher (check out our first children's book!) and lifestyle brand founded in 2019.
Our mission:
Tell people who they are: RoyalKIND
Inspire people to share the message.

You are Royal: Approved. Chosen. Loved. Powerful (You Matter!)

You are equipped to be Kind: You are powerfully equipped to positively change someone's world for the better in an instant.


RoyalKIND sacrifices time to be intentional


RoyalKIND chooses to see the light in everyone and who they were created to be.


RoyalKIND believes anyone's mess can become an awesome message


RoyalKIND wants you to share the message!

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RoyalKIND's apparel opens doors for wearers to tell friends and strangers they are ROYALKIND: chosen, loved, approved and powerfully equipped to positively change our world for the better in an instant.

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spread the message!

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