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Edward the Egg

In each story Edward cracks, and in each story someone tapes Edward back up. Edward the Egg inspires us to set new goals and to believe in the goodness of others to help us along the way. We believe in YOU and we believe

YOU can inspire others too! 


Inspire youth to know they can "tape"

others up too!


The Experience is Everything

RoyalKIND publishing wants you to know that you are Royalty and you have the power of kindness inside you! You can help "tape" others up....through a simple smile, a hug, an encouraging word and many times through the stories that you share about yourself. 

The Edward the Egg  book includes:

5 Edward the Egg adventure stories

10 coloring pages (2 with each story)

12 activity pages (draw and color how you see Edward the Egg

or use them to write your own story to share)

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Free Coloring Page


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We all have a story to tell. 

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The Idea

It all started when my oldest son turned 4 years old and my middle son was 2. They wanted stories before bed. I really can't remember how I came up with Edward the Egg, but I just remember his character coming to my mind. I remember wanting the story to have a surprise in the end, something they would get excited about. I wanted them to never give know that when something bad happened, God would work it for good. The very first Edward the Egg story was when Edward learned to cook. (Check out the new RoyalKIND App where you can play the Edward the Egg!)



Once I told the story, it seemed like every night they wanted another one, and another one. They loved hearing what Edward would do next. As the years went on, I told several Edward the Egg stories (I wish I had written them all down). I had a little girl after my two boys. As my youngest little girl got older, and began having sleepovers, I discovered how much other children loved to hear the stories too. Every sleepover, the kids would beg for an Edward the Egg story. 

Prayers answered

After two years of praying, I finally felt like I knew what God wanted me to do. That voice we hear in our heads that won't go away.  He wanted me to share His story through Edward the Egg. Jesus died on the cross so that we can always be taped back up.  I believe God also wanted these stories to give children the chance to share their stories. Edward the Egg inspires children to dream and never give up. A sweet friend of my daughters agreed to draw the pictures, and the book finally started coming to life! 

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