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Check Your Soil?

How do we get this RoyalKIND thing to work? How do we get people to believe the truth about who they are, identify with it, believe it and begin to focus on offering their time and some goodness to those they encounter?

We must be open minded and vulnerable in our thinking. How?
Check the soil in our hearts.

If your soil is hard: we can hear a good word, we can have people be so good to us, but it stays for a moment and leaves. Much like when a seed is thrown on hard soil and the rain sweeps it away. We are busy, and our minds are divided on what is important. Easy to happen in this world of "keeping up with the Jones's". With so many options, our minds have a hard time remembering how to focus on what's important. Anxiety, confusion and stress result. Our appetite for other things can be the very thing that keeps us from experiencing victories and joy. Here's the choice: Speak positive words over yourself daily (declare favor and goodness everyday over yourself). Know the truth: having riches or being poor does not create your heart, it reveals your heart. Make the choice to stay focused on how you can help impact this world for good.....because...ya can.

If your soil is rocky: we can hear a good word, we can have people be so good to us, but we don't want to receive it. Issues of the heart: resentment, regret, things we don't want to deal with and we push it down, down, down. When we do this, our heart resists encouraging words because we believe the deliverer is of ill intent or we believe we don't deserve it. We are all a product of our families, our failures, our tragedies.....but we are also a product of goodness and worth. Here's the choice: do not let your past experiences or decisions define you. Our experiences give us different perspectives, but it's not who we are. Let your experiences strengthen you.
Brilliant people don't deny the dark, they just choose to see the light in everything.
Choose to believe you are all together wonderful and can offer something good to this world. Believe in other's good intentions and teach yourself to have the grace to give people time to grow. Choose today to love and let yourself be loved.

If your soil is thorny: we can hear a good word, we can have people be good to us but we keep comparing ourselves to others, desiring what we don't have or the perception of what we think we don't have. This is a little harder because we don't recognize it within ourselves. But, it pretty much affects all of us. Especially with everyone's life posted on social media. This is a hard one. Here's the choice: Search for authenticity over approval. Search your heart, tell it you are exactly where you should be. Trust that your time will come when it's the right time. Choose to be happy for others. You are RoyalKIND, you are already approved in Him, you are already chosen for such a time as this. Choose to be you, not someone else.

****You can explode into your own destiny or crash into someone else's, it's your choice.

The RoyalKIND mindset works on it's soil daily. That's why we need each other. That's why our stories help build each other up. That's why it's so important to take the time to make someone feel valued. Let's come to a place where we all give each other time to grow, we give each other grace and we support each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

Note to self:
when your love benefits others, that's the right kinda love, the kind that moves mountains.
Check your soil. Move a Mountain. You Got This!

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