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Pre-Order today! Ship date expected: May-June

Now you can read with Edward the Egg or take him on your own adventures!

  • SOFT HUGGABLE MATERIAL with fun bendable/twistable arms and legs - Edward the Egg is 8" inches long (10" if you count his legs!), comes in a soft huggable material (ready for unlimited Edward hugs), and comes with a collectible Treasure Coin.
  • ZIPPER pouch located on back of plush for coins or anything your child wants to keep inside. 
  • Treasure COIN INCLUDED (from Edward's latest book "A Different Kind of Brave" ) - Edward the Egg comes with a special Treasure Coin for keeping and/or sharing. Keep it as a reminder to yourself to always be kind or share with a friend to show them how much you care.

Edward the Egg Plush (with back zipper pouch) PLUS collectible TREASURE coin!

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