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It's not easy to be a Different Kind of Brave. The kind where you find courage to "Take the Time" to be kind. It is especially hard when it could cause you to CRACK or get eaten! 

Journey with Edward through this story of bravery as he discovers how kindness can change the world in an instant and bounce back in ways you never expected. Like in the previous Edward the Egg short story collection,  Coloring Tales of Adventure, Edward cracks in this story too and someone is there to "tape" him back together. Let Edward encourage you to see the treasure inside of yourself. When you "Take the Time" to be kind, you can help "tape" others up too.

This ★early reader's chapter book includes:

  • Ten short chapters
  • Ten coloring page illustrations (one for each chapter)
  • Ten blank coloring pages with each chapter (encouraging creativity in readers to draw their own Edward the Egg or share their own story of kindness)
  • COLOR, WRITE, TEAR and SHARE                                                                                                                                              with a friend or at @royalkind.edwardtheegg

Join our mission: Tell people who they are: ROYALKIND™

  • You are Royal: Chosen. Loved. Approved. Powerful (You Matter!)
  • You are equipped to be KIND: You can change someone's world for the better.

✓Check out our RoyalKIND WayofLife Journal at for ideas on how you can share kindness today!

You are BRAVE, a Different Kind of Brave. We believe in YOU!

Edward the Egg, A Different Kind of Brave Print Book

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