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Enjoy Edward the Egg stories and coloring pages right now! Purchase the Downloadable print book and you will will immediately be able to download and print.  Copyright law prohibits from making copies of your purchase to use or sell. We would love for you to share, so if you would like more copies at a discount to share with friends, church, or school, please contact us at

Edward Cracked!

Edward the Egg is an adventurous and determined egg who loves to learn new things.

This book holds:

  • Five short inspiring stories for early readers

  • Ten coloring pages 

Edward helps your child's imagination come to life! In each story Edward cracks, and in each story someone tapes Edward back together. Be inspired to learn new things and never give up. If you "crack", believe in the goodness of others to help "tape" you back together.

RoyalKIND Books bring readers beyond the book... You can encourage others too!


Come see us at or DM our Instagram @royalkind.edwardtheegg and:

  • Share your personal story to inspire and encourage others

  • Share your coloring pages and enter contests for prizes

  • Create your own Edward the Egg story to share

We believe in YOU and we believe YOU can inspire others too! You Got This!

Downloadable Book PDF (with coloring pages) Edward the Egg

  • Buyer will receive a link to the Digital products in the Thank You page of the Checkout,
    along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

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