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1 Peter 2:9 INVITATION: Be Intentional.

We all want to be invited to the "party". Include someone that's left out today. Be the person that goes above and beyond... not only inviting someone to the "party" but also inviting them to sit at your table.

Did you know? A simple invitation can have a lasting, life - changing impact (for both parties!).

Fun Fact Motivator:

Sometimes we overlook the many possibilities for connection with the people who are placed around us in our daily lives. It can be dificult to connect with others. It can be messy, but one study found that people we know are much happier to hear from us than we anticipate, especially if the interaction is not expected. Check out these powerful, positive reasons to invite people into our lives. LIVE LONGER: Research shoes that loneliness can be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. KEEP SHARPER: The NIA confirms that our brains stay healthier when staying connected. FEEL BETTER: Research shows that engaging in more social activities can lower age-related diseases, blood pressure and ward off depression.

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